The Rookie, Season 3 cast, spoilers, episodes and reviews

The Rookie, Season 3 cast, spoilers, episodes and reviews

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The Rookie, Season 3 Release Date and Details

John Nolan, the oldest rookie in the LAPD, has used his life experience, determination and sense of humor to keep up with rookies 20 years his junior. Nearing the end of his training, Nolan now faces his biggest challenge as a police officer when he must come to terms with the choices he has made in pursuit of the truth.

Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Rookie, Season 3

The Rookie is inspired by a true story. John Nolan is the oldest rookie in the LAPD. At an age where most are at the peak of their career, Nolan cast aside his comfortable, small town life and moved to L.A. to pursue his dream of being a cop. Now, surrounded by rookies twenty years his junior, Nolan must navigate the dangerous, humorous and unpredictable world of a "young" cop, determined to make his second shot at life count.

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Audience Reviews for The Rookie, Season 3

Headed DownhillSeems like the good writing is gone, episodes full of tired stereotypes... it's sad because this was a great series.Score: 2/5

EXCELLENT SHOW!!!Superb actors who put their hearts and souls into their characters and roles.. Touching, heartfelt drama. LOVE IT!.Score: 5/5

Another PC show.We get it. All white cops are racist or stupid. I am sorry, but I will no longer watch this show because of the direction it has taken. 2020 is over, so much for healing in 2021. Let's keep up the division. Done with this show..Score: 1/5

The rookieGreat show don’t listen to the democrat haters of the police.Score: 5/5

True CrimeThe Rookie, True Crime segment was a huge disappointment. So boring for the following reasons: Use of flashback moves the narrative backwards, like a runner in slow motion telling his backstory. No drive forward in a typically linear fashion to solve a crime. More like a bad dream sequence with characters coming in and exiting with no spine or underlying moral dilemmas. Characters were mocking themselves to fit some kitschy preconceived cute idea for a “different” offbeat segment. Almost all of the Rookie series are infectious humor, drama blend, great cast, great acting, clever scripts, characters with believable motivations. This segment was uncomfortably boring mainly because the end result of no narrative drive is boring story line, predictable outcomes..Score: 1/5

Political trashThis show started out phenomenal. Season 3 took a turn to promote bashing cops and white people because the domestic terrorist blm thinks they’re owed something. This season is a flat out disgrace. It’s a cesspool is blm cry babies. I’ll finish the season out; Hopefully they drop blame game and pitty party and get back to being a great tv neutral tv show instead of leaning toward any one political view..Score: 1/5

Great showThis show is fantastic. I had a diverse cast, strong personalities and very interesting story lines. They explore important issues between police and civilians. Great job!.Score: 5/5

A cop show that doesn’t like cops.Trite PC crap. If you enjoy lazy writing that blames cops for crime existing you will love this show..Score: 1/5

...One step backWhile still a good show, it's attacking a part of it's audience and only presenting one side of the narrative. There's a sub-culture out there that caused billions in damage (to mostly minority businesses) and lots of lives over the last year+ in mostly peaceful protests - much of it in the LA area. Why hasn't that been covered? Why hasn't the cultural disparities leading to high crime been covered. If you're going to tackle a sensative issue, why not tackle them all? Hoping to see those topics covered next season, or another viewer will depart....Score: 4/5

Turned into a cops are bad soap box.I liked this show. Such a waste of prime time..Score: 1/5

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List of The Rookie, Season 3 Episodes

Starting over isn’t easy, especially for small-town guy John Nolan who, after a life-altering incident, is pursuing his dream of being an LAPD officer. As the force’s oldest rookie, he’s met with skepticism from some higher-ups who see him as just a walking midlife crisis.

  • TV-14
  • 2020
1Consequences (The Rookie) recap, spoilers


03 January 2021$2.99

Nearing the end of his training, John Nolan now faces his biggest challenge as a police officer when he must come to terms with the choices he has made in pursuit of the truth.

2In Justice (The Rookie) recap, spoilers

In Justice

10 January 2021$2.99

Officer John Nolan and Officer Nyla Harper are assigned to a community policing center in an attempt to rebuild their station's reputation in the community.

3La Fiera (The Rookie) recap, spoilers

La Fiera

17 January 2021$2.99

Officer John Nolan's mom makes an unannounced visit, which complicates his life. Sgt. Grey considers retiring.

4Sabotage (The Rookie) recap, spoilers


24 January 2021$2.99

Officer Jackson West's relationship with his new training officer, Stanton, escalates, and he begins to work with Sgt. Grey to find a solution.

5Lockdown (The Rookie) recap, spoilers


14 February 2021$2.99

Officer Nolan is taken hostage by a man with nothing to lose; Officer Jackson and his training officer, Officer Doug Stanton, reach a tipping point in their relationship that could end Jackson's career.

6Revelations (The Rookie) recap, spoilers


21 February 2021$2.99

Officer Nolan's decision to return to school to become a training officer proves to be much harder than he expected; Officer Chen considers going into undercover work after getting a taste of the job.

7True Crime (The Rookie) recap, spoilers

True Crime

28 February 2021$2.99

The team gets the true-crime docuseries treatment when it analyzes a recent case featuring a former child actor whose adult life has garnered him a cult following.

8Bad Blood (The Rookie) recap, spoilers

Bad Blood

28 March 2021$2.99

Officer Nolan, Officer Harper and Detective Lopez are assigned to the kidnapping of the son of a criminal court judge who has a long list of enemies who could possibly be involved.

9Amber (The Rookie) recap, spoilers


04 April 2021$2.99

An Amber Alert sends the team on a race against time to find a newborn infant who was stolen from a local hospital; Officers Jackson and Chen work their last shift as rookies as Officer Nolan continues for 30 more days.

10Man of Honor (The Rookie) recap, spoilers

Man of Honor

11 April 2021$2.99

Harper and Nolan respond to a bank robbery in progress and realize the motives of the thief run much deeper than just needing money; Jackson and Chen's first day riding without training officers isn't what they thought it would be.

11New Blood (The Rookie) recap, spoilers

New Blood

18 April 2021$2.99

When professor Fiona Ryan's car window is smashed following a series of mysterious notes, Nolan volunteers to guard her house overnight; Lucy notices that Tim is being much nicer to his new trainee than he was with her and she does not like it.

12Brave Heart (The Rookie) recap, spoilers

Brave Heart

02 May 2021$2.99

After rushing his son to the hospital following his collapse, Nolan is reunited with his ex-wife, and they must come together to help their son; Detective Lopez discovers La Fiera is in the same hospital and wants to find out exactly why.


The Rookie, Season 3 Series Cast & Crew

Nathan Fillion (John Nolan), Melissa O'Neil (Lucy Chen), Mekia Cox (Nyla Harper), Titus Makin Jr. (Jackson West), Eric Winter (Tim Bradford), Alyssa Diaz (Angela Lopez), Richard T. Jones (Wade Grey), all returned for the rookie, season 3.

Melissa O'Neil (Lucy Chen)
Melissa O'NeilLucy ChenScore: 5.1
Alyssa Diaz (Angela Lopez)
Alyssa DiazAngela LopezScore: 5.2
Eric Winter (Tim Bradford)
Eric WinterTim BradfordScore: 4.2
Mekia Cox (Nyla Harper)
Mekia CoxNyla HarperScore: 3.7
Nathan Fillion (John Nolan)
Nathan FillionJohn NolanScore: 5.5
Richard T. Jones (Wade Grey)
Richard T. JonesWade GreyScore: 4.0
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The Rookie, Season 3 — May 2021

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The Rookie, Season 3 Spoilers

Here's everything we know so far about the rookie, season 3...

Has The Rookie, Season 3 been confirmed? Will there be a the rookie, season 3?
The countdown to The Rookie (2021) Season 3 Episode 1 begins. An all-new episode of The Rookie is soon going to be released.
The Rookie, Season 3 start date: When does the rookie, season 3 come back?
The Rookie, Season 3 will air on Sunday 3rd of January 2021.
How many episodes will be in the rookie, season 3?
With the season now airing in January 2021. There will be 54 episodes in season 3.

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The Rookie Other Seasons
The Rookie, Season 1 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
The Rookie, Season 117 October 201821 Episodes

Starting over isn’t easy, especially for small-town guy John Nolan who, after a life-altering incident, is pursuing his dream of being an LAPD officer. As the force’s oldest rookie, he’s met with skepticism from some higher-ups who see him as just a walking midlife crisis. If he can’t keep up with the young cops and the criminals, he’ll be risking lives including his own. But if he can use his life experience, determination and sense of humor to give him an edge, he may just become a success in this new chapter of his life.

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The Rookie, Season 230 September 201920 Episodes

Six months into his career as a cop, John Nolan, the oldest rookie in the LAPD, has used his life experience, determination and sense of humor to keep up with rookies 20 years his junior. But as he embarks on the second half of his rookie year, Nolan will be put to the test by a host of new challenges, romantic relationships and deadly criminals, as he looks to figure out what kind of cop he ultimately wants to be.

The Rookie, Season 3 Languages

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Сериалът проследява живота на Джон Нолан, 40-годишен мъж, който се премества от удобния си живот в малък град в Лос Анджелис, за да преследва мечтата си да бъде полицейски служител.

John Nolan se rozhodne přestěhovat do Los Angeles, kde se chce stát policistou. Svůj životní sen si však začal vyplňoval poměrně pozdě, protože v jeho věku dosahují policisté svého vrcholu. Nyní se ocitá mezi nováčky, kterým je o 20 let méně. Nachází se tak na dlouhé cestě, která bude nebezpečná a nepředvídatelná. Příběh je inspirován skutečnými událostmi.

El Novato
Comenzar de nuevo no es fácil, especialmente para el chico de una pequeña ciudad John Nolan que, después de un incidente que cambia su vida, está persiguiendo su sueño de ser un oficial de policía de Los Ángeles. Como el novato más viejo de la fuerza, se ha encontrado con el escepticismo de algunos de los superiores que lo ven como una crisis ambulante.

The Rookie, le flic de Los Angeles
Lorsque sa femme le quitte et que son fils part à la fac, John Nolan, la quarantaine, est à un tournant de sa vie et décide de réaliser un vieux rêve : devenir flic ! Il part vivre à Los Angeles et se retrouve, malgré son âge, un bleu parmi les bleus...

ג'ון נולן בן ה- 40, בעליה לשעבר של חברת בנייה וגרוש טרי, עוזר במקרה לשוטרים במהלך שוד בנק ומחליט לעבור ללוס אנג'לס ולפצוח בקריירה חדשה כשוטר. לאחר שהוא מסיים את הכשרתו באקדמיה לשוטרים- הטירון המבוגר ביותר- הוא צריך להתמודד עם אופיו המסוכן והלא צפוי של תפקידו החדש, והוא נחוש להצליח למרות האתגרים. כטירון המבוגר ביותר בכוח, הוא נתקל בסקפטיות מבעלי הדרגות מעליו שחושבים שעובר עליו משבר אמצע החיים. אם לא יצליח לעמוד בקצב של השוטרים הצעירים ושל הפושעים, הוא יכול לסכן את חייהם ואת חייו. אבל אם יוכל להפוך את ניסיון החיים שלו, נחישותו וחוש ההומור המפותח שלו ליתרון, אולי יוכל גם להפוך את הקושי להצלחה בפרק החדש בחייו.

Serija prati Johna Nolana, 40-godišnjeg muškarca koji se preselio iz svog udobnog života u malom gradu u Los Angeles kako bi ostvario svoj san da bude policajac u policijskoj upravi Los Angelesa. Mora ploviti opasnim, duhovitim i nepredvidljivim svijetom "mladog" policajca, odlučnog da iskoristi drugu šansu u životu.

Az újonc
Az újrakezdés sohasem könnyű, főleg nem a vidékről érkezett John Nolan számára, aki az életét megváltoztató esemény után próbálja megvalósítani álmát, hogy los angelesi rendőr legyen. A rendőrség legidősebb újoncaként a felettesei közül néhányan szkeptikusan szemlélik, és egy igazi csődtömegnek tartják. Ha nem képes tartani a lépést a fiatalabb zsarukkal és a bűnözőkkel, akkor azzal életeket tehet kockára, beleértve a sajátját is. De ha képes saját előnyére használni élettapasztalatát, eltökéltségét és humorérzékét, akkor akár sikeres is lehet életének ezen új szakaszában.

더 루키
이혼 후 은행 강도를 당한 일을 계기로 LAPD에 지원한 40세의 최고령 신입을 중심으로 펼쳐지는 이야기

The Rookie
John Nolan is net veertig. Hij bevindt zich op een keerpunt in zijn leven: hij is net gescheiden van zijn vrouw en zijn zoon gaat naar de universiteit. John besluit vervolgens om een ​​oude droom waar te gaan maken en politieagent te worden. Hij verhuisd naar Los Angeles en vervoegt de Los Angeles Police Department, waar hij de oudste "jonge rekruut" is.

John Nolan to 40-letni mężczyzna, który podążając za swoim marzeniem przeprowadza się do Los Angeles, gdzie zostaje oficerem policji. Jak policjant poradzi sobie w zupełnie nowym, niebezpiecznym świecie?

The Rookie
John Nolan, de 40 anos, muda sua vida para ser um agente policial no Departamento de Polícia de Los Angeles.

Начинать с чистого листа всегда нелегко, особенно для уроженца маленького городка Джона Нолана, который после инцидента, перевернувшего его жизнь, решил воплотить в жизнь давнюю мечту и присоединиться к полиции Лос-Анджелеса. Возрастного новичка встречают с понятным скептицизмом, однако жизненный опыт, упорство и чувство юмора дают Джону преимущество.

Починати з чистого аркуша завжди нелегко, особливо для мешканця маленького містечка Джона Нолана. Після інциденту, який перевернув його життя, він вирішив здійснити давню мрію і приєднатися до поліції Лос-Анджелеса. Старого новачка зустрічають із зрозумілим скептицизмом, проте життєвий досвід, наполегливість та почуття гумору дають Джону перевагу.

主角約翰諾蘭(John Nolan)在多數人的職業生涯最高峰時,毅然決定離開舒適圈,前往洛杉磯警局追求當名警察的夢想。現在的他成為了警局中最老菜鳥,身邊圍繞著 20 多歲的新秀們,他必須在這個充滿危險、幽默又不可預測的「年輕」警察世界中前進,決心讓自己的人生活出第二次的精彩。

  Alexi Hawley执笔﹑Liz Friedlander导演的ABC警察剧《菜鸟老警 The Rookie》过去被直接预订成剧,由《灵书妙探 Castle》男主Nathan Fillion主演。《菜鸟老警》根据真人真事改编,Nathan Fillion饰演主角John Nolan,他是洛杉矶警局里最老的菜鸟警察。John离开了舒适的小城镇,来到洛杉矶追求自己的警察梦;此刻他身边的其他菜鸟都是二十出头,被上司认为只是遇上中年危机的主角,得跟年轻的同伴一样应付这个危险﹑滑稽﹑不可预测的世界。《黑暗物质 Dark Matter》主演Melissa O’Neil饰演女主 - 洛杉矶菜鸟警察Lucy Chen,将会与John有感情发展。Afton Williamson饰演刚被提升为训练警官的Talia Bishop,第一个被指派给她训练的就是菜鸟John﹑ Eric Winter饰演咄咄逼人的训练警官Tim Bradford﹑Richard T. Jones饰演警长Wade Grey,身为警局监管警官的他与John成了死对头。Titus Makin饰演热心的菜鸟Jackson West警官,他父亲是洛杉矶警局的高层指挥官。Alyssa Diaz饰演希望当上警探的训练警官Angela,不过当Jackson West被指派给她时倒成了麻烦,因为他的父亲可是对警局有发言权。Mercedes Mason饰演警监Zoe Andersen,主角那自信无礼的指挥警官。

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