Bigfoot, Bigger Drama recap & spoilers

Bigfoot, Bigger Drama (The Real Housewives of Dallas - S5E13) recap & spoilers

4 star

Brandi reluctantly forgives D'Andra and the ladies head to Oklahoma for a weekend of camping. With the help of Charles, a local hunter, they set out on a mission to find Bigfoot, but things quickly heat up when Kary starts insulting their host, putting her and Stephanie at odds..

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Bigfoot, Bigger Drama - The Real Housewives of Dallas S5E13 Reviews

I love TRHODThese ladies have a little drama to keep it interesting, but they all have something they are doing in life. They keep it classy and sassy for sure! Watch out you’ll fall in love and want to binge watch all the old episodes..Score: 5/5

More PropagandaIdk what happened to bravo this year but you cant get thru one show without massive amounts of radical propaganda. it is honestly painful and gross. im starting to be over these shows.Score: 1/5

Not worth the dvrJust the worst..Score: 1/5

What happened to this franchise?As a proud black American it's sickening to watch a show force propaganda divide and conquer baloney. They are attempting to smear the white man as bad or shall I say white person. I'm tired of watching garbage that is instigating race wars. What happened to the beginning where it was about fabulous cars, vacations, homes, make up just overall happy banter? Bravo has turned into a Shi^ show..Score: 1/5

Another in a long list of "Real Housewives".Personally, I'm waiting for the show called "Real Housewives of Section 8 Housing"..Score: 3/5

⭐️🤠💁‍♀️I love these ladies! These are high class ladies who are very funny!.Score: 5/5

Tiffany is amazing!Bought the season just because she owned it! Can’t wait to watch it again Tiffany slayed the entire season..Score: 5/5

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