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Robert Mitchell

Robert Mitchell – Founder

Robert Mitchell, or Rob to his close colleagues, is the brain behind Hailing from San Francisco, his passion for technology and television naturally led him to establish this platform.

At, Robert aims to simplify the world of TVs for users, offering clear and insightful guides, reviews, and fixes. When he’s not diving into TV specs, he’s brainstorming ways to improve the user experience on the website.

Emily Davis

Emily Davis – Chief Editor

Emily Davis, originally from Austin, Texas, brings a keen eye for detail to With a background in tech journalism, she ensures every article aligns with the site’s commitment to clarity and accuracy.

Emily reviews content, provides feedback, and closely watches the latest TV trends to ensure readers get the most updated and reliable information. She’s also responsible for cultivating a consistent voice and tone throughout the site’s offerings.

Editorial Guidelines

Quality and integrity are the cornerstones of our content at Our editorial guidelines ensure that every piece we publish is accurate, unbiased, and valuable to our readers.

Writers and contributors are carefully chosen based on their expertise and are expected to maintain a high standard of research and fact-checking. We believe that our audience deserves nothing but the best, and we’re dedicated to delivering content that meets this standard.

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Q: What brands of TVs do you cover on

A: At, we offer comprehensive coverage of various TV brands. This includes popular names like Vizio, Hisense, and LG. We aim to provide reviews, guides, and fixes that cater to every viewer’s preferences, regardless of their brand allegiance.

Q: How do you ensure the accuracy and reliability of your TV reviews and guides?

A: Quality is paramount to us. Every review, guide, and fix published on undergoes a rigorous research and verification process.

Our team consists of dedicated enthusiasts and industry insiders who leverage their expertise to ensure that the information provided is both accurate and relevant. Additionally, we constantly update our content to reflect the latest advancements and updates in the TV industry.

Q: I have a specific issue with my TV that’s not addressed on your site. Can I reach out for guidance?

A: Absolutely! While we strive to cover a broad spectrum of topics, there might be unique issues we haven’t touched upon yet. Feel free to reach out to us through our contact page. We’ll do our best to assist you or consider your query a topic for our future content.